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Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo! Cleverly Styled Decoy

One Of The Best, World’s first-class Ever Tiny Car For City Rides, Toyota Aygo Remains To Be An Entice

Toyota Aygo is a right substitute for the last decade’s historical predecessor models of the same title. As earlier, the Aygo is a joint initiative of two French producers to supply their city cars. These are the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 and then Japanese giant Toyota was liable for the entire mechanical add-ons and engineering for the trio. The Toyota Aygo also elements precise bodywork to support its looks, one of a kind and wonderful city car from the rival two models of French automaker.

All-new Range Of Models

Directing the attraction of the new Toyota Aygo, it’s the contrasting coloured ‘X’ throughout the nostril of the automobile, main up toward the side windows. This is one element and part of Toyota’s purpose to make the Aygo enchantment to a younger car on account that the ‘X’ and quite a lot of distinctive explanations of the vehicle’s exterior. The cabin design may also be customized. Both three and 5 door iterations are on hand however, the dependent glass tailgate remains to be there. This model has a larger and deeper boot than the previous models.

Greatly Better Interior

Toyota Aygo Interior

Toyota Aygo Interior

the cabin design is borrowed from Aygo’s sister automobiles and embodies a gigantic jump over the older cars’ ancient customary style, unusually when outfitted with the seven-inch colour ‘X-contact’ media display and the infotainment screen. The entire plastics used in the cabin are robust and resilient, however they consider just right-assembled and are curiously-styled.

The X-Theme

That X-theme continues with the Aygo specification grades on its five model trims, available from launch: X, X-Play, X-Pression and two entitled variations symbolised to as X-Cite and X-Clusiv.

Toyota Aygo Powerful Engine Family

Toyota is famous for its 2.0-Litre engines across the globe, and they are also pioneers in introducing the world’s first most successful hybrid technology. They are also pioneers in synergy drive technologies.

Toyota Aygo Engine

Toyota Aygo Engine

Under the brand new Toyota Aygo’s bonnet is a swelled variation of the Toyota 1.0 litre, three-cylinder petrol engine gives a muscular feel and it produces around 68bhp and without any difficulty a muscular torque of 95Nm from this tiny engine, affectivity and efficiency is satisfactory, and enough for city use. Combined with the light-weight sub-one tonne body, Toyota claims its petrol efficiency at a natural ratio of 69.9 miles per gallon with the manual gearbox, the engine system emitting simply 95g/km of CO2 on the go.

Gearbox Modes

Toyota always offer several kind of gearbox modes in its models from manual to automatic and hybrid as well. According to Toyota, in the Aygo, five speed manual gearbox is stunning for this style of car.

Automated Transmission

Automated Transmission

The automated transmission offered on this system and it is referred to as X-Shift. It’s not yet established that there will be any diesel powered variation will be available. Toyota presents defence sense costume on the Aygo with crash prevention system to warn the driver way before any incident occurs.

Toyota is turning the wheel of fortune – Robots OUT! Humans IN!

Japanese tycoon takes the initiative towards social responsibility and start hunt for ‘gods’



Toyota is undoubtedly one of the biggest giants in auto industry, utilising the human resource along with the modern hi-tech machines. It’s been decades since Toyota fully automated its production plants globally and robots were making cars bearing extremely reliable engines. Mitsuru Kawai is one of the most experienced person in Toyota as he has spent more than 50 years there, he recall his old memories as there was a time when manual skills were highly appreciated and ‘gods’ was the term used for the experienced masters as they could make any and everything.

The CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda is very determined to have ‘gods’ within his company once again and to do so, he has personally chosen Kawai to develop such programs which will teach workers metal-craft. It will include many a things such as forging crankshafts from scratch, to train their human assets; company has dedicated as much as 100 workstations formerly housing robots. Once the employees personally understand how to fabricate the components, they will have an understanding of how to make superior machines. In one of his statements, Kawai said: “To become the master of any machine, the most important thing is to have better knowledge and required skills to teach a machine.”

Robots working at Assembly lines

Robots working at Assembly lines

Unlike other companies where they only teach their employees to just feed the parts into the machine and if something goes down or went wrong, just call superior for help; Toyota’s Operations Management Consulting Division plays the game differently, here new managers are not given any kind of help rather they are given plenty of time to get the job done so they could learn on their own. Toyota is not stepping back from its mission of building more than ten million vehicles a year; instead they are endeavouring not to sacrifice the quality while making this tiresome effort.
“To become rock-solid, we need to get back to the basics” said Kawai.

The all New Toyota Aygo

The new Toyota Aygo has arrived with convincing, fun, funky and appealing looks with a host of tempting options to customise the already alluring looks. The dramatic X-Theme going on at the front distinguishes it from the 108 and C1 and the gazebo-style profile, rear spoiler and window graphic that extends in to the rear light clusters make the Aygo look bigger and bolder than it is.

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

The interior quality isn’t as funky but it looks an alluring and well bolted together. The Aygo hasn’t increased in size but it has new instruments, wider armrests, bit more luggage space with a trapezoidal centre console. The Aygo also gets Toyota’s new x-touch multimedia system with a 7″ touchscreen controlling audio, phone, connectivity and trip info, with SatNav and Apps an option and a rear view camera as standard.
The only engine option will be the 1.0 lire 3-cylinder petrol with 68bhp and a choice of five-speed manual or Toyota’s x-shift automated manual and you’ll be able to have the Aygo as a tin top or with a folding canvas roof. The new Toyota Aygo will be far better than far better than an EV for going around round congested urban areas.

The King of Car Industry – Toyota maintains its position as the number One Car Maker

Toyota has retained its number one spot as the world’s biggest manufacturer beating its closest

Toyota Unveils a new Accident Prevention System


rival GM by 270,000 units. Toyota sold 9.98 million vehicles during 2013 up 2% from the year before as Toyota also announced plans to sell 10.32 million vehicles in 2014. Toyota has still managed to revive its fate after the damages it faced in the 2011 tsunami. The tsunami and earthquake in 2011 caused extensive widespread devastation which affected car suppliers and production.

Toyota has also been facing reputational issues after a series of recalls and safety issues as more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled since 2009. However, at the end of 2013, Japan’s exports saw their biggest annual rise for three years. Car exports also rose to 31.3% year-on-year, as the Japanese yen saw big falls in value against the dollar. Toyota has been the top manufacturer in the world for more than 70 years. Toyota was the king of automakers till 2011. However, it regained the number one position in 2012.

GM sold 9.71 million vehicles last year, while Germany’s Volkswagen came in third with sales of 9.5 million vehicles. Toyota’s leading models have been Lexus and Prius hybrid models. Toyota’s sales target for 2014 is 10.32 million which is significant as no carmaker has gone beyond the 10 million mark. The three largest carmakers all had a strong 2013, and the figures are an indication of a healthy global automotive sector.

Toyota Aygo is a three star car when it comes to Safety

The Toyota Aygo and its sister cars, the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1, have performed poorly in theAygo latest round of Euro NCAP crash tests, being awarded just three stars. Despite the current model being a face lifted version of a car that originally scored four stars upon its release in 2005, Toyota has failed to implement the latest developments in passenger safety.


Worryingly, the Aygo scored three stars only because it was tested with a number of additional items, not currently available, which Toyota has pledged to include on customers cars from July 2013. Without them, the car would have scored significantly worse. These items include side thorax airbags, side head curtain airbags, electronic stability control, passenger seatbelt reminder and ISOFIX rear outboard seats.

The Aygo, C1 and 107 scored four stars when they were first tested in 2005, but the face lifted models have been dropped to three as they don’t come fitted with side impact airbags and electronic stability control as standard equipment.