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Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic Transmission in High Demand  

Toyota has unveiled a new Corolla Altis in Indian market at a price of £11700 whereas the diesel version was priced bit higher than the standard, at £13500. It is offered in four diesel trims and five petrol trims. Diesel trims include DJ, DJ(S), DG and DGL while petrol consists of J(S), G, G-CVT, GL and VL (CVT).

Toyota Corolla Altis 2014

Toyota Corolla Altis 2014

Dealers reported that the waiting period for diesel is two months. Toyota Altis petrol engines are performing very well with CVT in the market and demand for these specific models is also higher and reports show that it is about 60 to 70 percent higher than the Toyota diesel engines.

A dealer from New Delhi stated that most customers are choosing automatic transmissions and booking in greater numbers because of ease of driving, while the manual driven models are facing a slight decline in sales. Customers in the Indian market are well informed about the functions and working principle of CVT transmissions and they like the new styling tweaks of the new Altis as well.

Toyota Corolla Altis Interior

Toyota Corolla Altis Interior

The new Altis is equipped with carbon fibre instrument panel in black and a three spoke steering wheel with Bluetooth connectivity. It has chrome door handles inside and an extended wheel base by 100mm to offer a roomier cabin for extended leg space on both front and rear ends.

New Toyota Corolla Altis has rain sensors, navigation system, seven inches LCD and voice enabled audio with USB. Sales levels of CVT equipped models are higher and increasing with the time.

2015 Toyota Camry 2.0 Turbo Could Be a Match Made In Cloud Nine

Toyota’s all new Camry and the 2.0 Litre turbocharged engine for its luxury division Lexus could be a match made in heaven and can add some oomph to its already world leading sales. Toyota Camry is front wheel driven and almost same size. Automakers in the US market struggle to make space between their models and 2015 Toyota Camry also has the same story.

Toyota Camry 2015

Toyota Camry 2015

It gets inspiration from the new Corolla and Avalon but it has more dashing design and body shapes. Corolla and Avalon are already on sale with modified structures and enjoying the best sales ever in the US market. After these changes Camry has received, Toyota is expecting the same sales trend from it. However, Toyota has not hinted any engine changes in the Camry but that could also change soon.

New trim levels for the Camry 2015 have already been announced and these trims will combine the sporty style looks in the SE and the V6 engine with power and plush for the XLE trim. The XSE trim will provide customers an option of comfort and sporty look at the same time; however this leaves space for a devoted hybrid Camry to compete its own luxury division Lexus.

2015 Toyota Camry Interior

2015 Toyota Camry Interior

On other hand, Lexus is expecting new Toyota engines with turbochargers and will appear this fall in Lexus NX200t mid-sized crossover. This crossover will be open for sales in US this fall.

Previously this model was using a 4-cylinder 2.0 Litre engine but now it has been updated with a turbocharger.

It is not a secret that Toyota and Lexus engines will ultimately transfer to other models in the family. This new engine will help Toyota to fill the gap created by it in the previous years.



Toyota Corolla 2014

Toyota Corolla! Top selling model for February 2014

Toyota’s performance has been out-class for the last two years and it is holding the top seller position with more than 10 million units sold in just 2013 but this time we are considering only one model, Toyota Corolla. This model is leading the sales volume against any other model in the world for February 2014. Honda Civic was edged out by this compact car just at the start of the year in compact auto sales race and it is enjoying a far easier time since February by being best selling compact car with a total of 25,299 sales in a single month, even the Chevy Cruze upset the Civic last month by jumping from third to second position and they sold almost 21,836 units, where Honda has 21,575 sales of Civic.

Toyota Corolla Engine

Toyota Corolla Engine

If you just check out the position of European auto makers on the selling graph then you will notice that the most influential Volkswagen Jetta is sitting at the seventh place VW has its sales volume of 11,908 units. Like Ford, Volkswagen is planning for massive updates in its top models. Mazda3 was exclusively unveiled last year with massive updates and people like the model but in the February, Mazda3 has disappointed its makers by making sales of just over seven thousand and the out-going Volkswagen Golf has only 1,649 units sold.

The King of Car Industry – Toyota maintains its position as the number One Car Maker

Toyota has retained its number one spot as the world’s biggest manufacturer beating its closest

Toyota Unveils a new Accident Prevention System


rival GM by 270,000 units. Toyota sold 9.98 million vehicles during 2013 up 2% from the year before as Toyota also announced plans to sell 10.32 million vehicles in 2014. Toyota has still managed to revive its fate after the damages it faced in the 2011 tsunami. The tsunami and earthquake in 2011 caused extensive widespread devastation which affected car suppliers and production.

Toyota has also been facing reputational issues after a series of recalls and safety issues as more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled since 2009. However, at the end of 2013, Japan’s exports saw their biggest annual rise for three years. Car exports also rose to 31.3% year-on-year, as the Japanese yen saw big falls in value against the dollar. Toyota has been the top manufacturer in the world for more than 70 years. Toyota was the king of automakers till 2011. However, it regained the number one position in 2012.

GM sold 9.71 million vehicles last year, while Germany’s Volkswagen came in third with sales of 9.5 million vehicles. Toyota’s leading models have been Lexus and Prius hybrid models. Toyota’s sales target for 2014 is 10.32 million which is significant as no carmaker has gone beyond the 10 million mark. The three largest carmakers all had a strong 2013, and the figures are an indication of a healthy global automotive sector.

Toyota Corolla Engine Review

Toyota Corolla engine line up includes many engines but it’s better to stay away from the less

Toyota Corolla Engine

Toyota Corolla Engine

powerful Toyota Corolla engine which delivers 89bhp. The engine for Toyota Corolla 2.0-litre D-4D finds it hard when the car is fully loaded. It was replaced in May 2003 with only a 1.4-litre Toyota Corolla engine, but it does a better job, although you’ll need to stretch to the 2.0 D-4D engine for Toyota Corolla if you want the strongest diesel punch.

However, when you take cost into account, best Toyota Avensis engine for sale is the 109bhp 1.6 petrol, while the 95bhp 1.4 petrol Toyota Corolla 2001 engine puts in a reasonable, if less swift, performance.

Of the various trims, Toyota Corolla 2000 engine had air-con as standard on T2 models following the facelift in Toyota Corolla 2004 engine. The Toyota Corolla 2005 engine, on the other hand, features climate control, alloy wheels and rear electric windows over the already generous T2. Furter up the range, engine for Toyota Corolla 2000 equipped T Spirit cars get an electric sunroof.

The saloon doesn’t have the same wide engine line-up as the hatchback, so there are only two petrol engines – the popular 1.4 Toyota Corolla 2004 engine and 1.6 engine for Toyota Corolla 1998. Both are excellent but the Toyota Corolla 2007 engine 1.6 just edges it: there’s a bit more oomph, but just as economical in day-to-day use. The Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D engine is a little bit on the rough side, but gives useful fuel economy. The saloon doesn’t have the same wide Toyota Corolla 2008 engine line-up as the hatchback, so there are only two petrol engines. The popular 1.4 engine for Toyota Corolla 2009 engine and 98 Toyota Corolla engine which is 1.6 petrol.

Entry-level T2 models with Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVTi engine have electric front windows, CD stereo and remote central locking. T3 Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVTi engine adds colour keyed side mouldings and air-conditioning. T-Spirit Toyota Corolla engine gets electric rear windows, dark metallic fascia and climate control.

Toyota Corolla Engine Codes

Toyota Corolla Engine Codes

Toyota Corolla Engine Size Toyota Corolla Engine Codes Fuel Type Years
1.3 Litre 2E Petrol (1984TO1987)
1.3 Litre 2E Petrol (1984TO1988)
1.3 Litre 2E Petrol (1987TO1992)
1.3 Litre 2E Petrol (1988TO1996)
1.3 Litre 2E Petrol (1996TO2004)
1.3 Litre 4EFE Petrol (1991TO1997)
1.3 Litre 4EFE Petrol (1997TO2000)
1.4 Litre 4ZZFE Petrol (2002TO2008)
1.4 Litre 4ZZFE Petrol (1998TO2003)
1.6 Litre 3ZZFE Petrol (2002TO2008)
1.6 Litre 3ZZFE Petrol (1999TO2003)
1.6 Litre 4A Petrol (1984TO1988)
1.6 Litre 4AF Petrol (1987TO1992)
1.6 Litre 4AF Petrol (1988TO1996)
1.6 Litre 4AFE Petrol (1996TO2000)
1.6 Litre 4AFE Petrol (1988TO1996)
1.6 Litre 4AFE Petrol (1996TO2004)
1.6 Litre 4AFE Petrol (1991TO1997)
1.6 Litre 4AFE Petrol (1987TO1992)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1995TO2000)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1995TO2000)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1991TO1998)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1983TO1990)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1984TO1987)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1987TO1992)
1.6 Litre 4AGE Petrol (1984TO1988)
1.8 Litre 2ZZGE Petrol (2002TO2008)
1.8 Litre 2ZZGZE Petrol (2002TO2008)
1.8 Litre 7AFE Petrol (1991TO1997)

Toyota to Recall one Million Cars

Toyota has issued  recall of more than a million cars just days after it was once again crowned asToyota Engine the world’s biggest vehicle seller. The recall has been issued for the faulty airbags and front screen wipers.  The Japanese car manufacturer is recalling 9,7000 cars due to a fault in airbags that can cause them to improperly inflate. A recall has also been issued for 385,000 Lexus IS cars that have faulty windshield wipers that can get stuck in heavy snow. The airbag problem has affected 752,000 (seven hundred and fifty two thousand) cars in US, 141,000 (one hundred and forty one thousand) in Canada and thousands in Japan and Mexico. All of these vehicles were manufactured between December 2001 and May 2004.

As part of the wipers recall three models of Lexus IS, manufactured between May 2005 to October 2011v and sold in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and China.