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Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado Engines Inspire the World

Prado is Portuguese for “meadow”. Because now Toyota is playing in the field by rendering both outstanding diesel and petrol versions of the model.

Toyota has always offered the Prado with a choice of powerful Landcruiser engines in both petrol and diesel options. The first model of Prado was available only with diesel power. The second generation of the Prado was launched in 1996, with a choice of 3.0-litre turbo diesel engines and a 3.4-litre V6 petrol.
These models were around since 2009, but this year the facelifted model has received a petrol engine with 4.0-litre displacement. We will not see other difference to the facelifted petrol engine. We see a bit changing in the diesel version, it has been re-engined, the ancient 3.0-litre engine replaced by 2.8-litre version. It is smaller but more efficient than older.

Prado Petrol engine

Prado Petrol engine

Prado Facelifted Diesel Engines

It is clear that the Toyota 1GD-FTV diesel engine is identical to newly-launched Hilux UTE, which was considered as the second most important and worthy vehicle in Toyota model line-up and poised to make a big push to take over the top spot in 2016. Thousands of Hilux and hundreds of Prado owners will enjoy it in future, it is the powerful Prado thing.

Prado on the Go

Prado on the Go

Is the Petrol Model a less Superior Performer than the Diesel Prado?

We shouldn’t say that. We should point out that where the three grades of diesel model like GX, VX and VX limited – the VX grade takes only petrol model and in every aspect to its diesel equivalent, apart from the fact that its $89,490 price tag is $1000 more. A six-speed automatic, attractive well identical kerb weights, rated to tow a braked trailer of up to 2500kg, we will see the described whole abilities in both powerful models.
However, some people don’t like the diesel simply – they run from the smell of fuel, maybe they object the RUCs. The petrol choice comes into the equation. That’s what, it is depending on the choice of people.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2014; evolutionary design changes

Land Cruiser has been summoned up by its parent Toyota because the going gets tough, while it is capable of going anywhere and only Toyota model that has the ability to manage the stand against Land Rover luxuries, which in itself has grossed a renowned status. Toyota has managed the Land Cruiser for some timely changes as of 2013, it comes up with some refreshed and updated features and styling refinements but now for the 2014 model, Toyota finally decide to bring some evolutionary modifications and changes for Land Cruiser.

Toyota-Land-Cruiser 2014

Toyota-Land-Cruiser 2014

It possibly will seem to be changed, but underneath it just is about the same heavily built, all-wheel-drive SUV with tons of characteristics and mortal relieves. Like the majority of strong and long lasting off-roaders, the 2014 Land Cruiser is using a body-on-frame structural platform that gives it additional muscle to take on the jagged terrains. Over the past 60 years, the Land Cruiser is practicing a manual select, all-wheel-drive service in all luxurious SUVs but the 2014 model of Land Cruiser is equipped with the latest electronic assistants, cameras and safety characters.



It is also using several computer programs and guidance systems made the performance and controls more refine. The 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser has an approximately changed front fascia but the old grille from 2013 model was much better. The 2014 model has an elegant chrome face with five long canines getting through, giving it a naughty sprite look, to articulate the least. Other design rudiments of the 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser take account of a rather vigorously built body with extensive wheel arches up front and ever wide back tenderloin. The 2014 Land Cruiser is slightly longer than its previous model and has an extensive 188 inches long wheel base.

The King of Car Industry – Toyota maintains its position as the number One Car Maker

Toyota has retained its number one spot as the world’s biggest manufacturer beating its closest

Toyota Unveils a new Accident Prevention System


rival GM by 270,000 units. Toyota sold 9.98 million vehicles during 2013 up 2% from the year before as Toyota also announced plans to sell 10.32 million vehicles in 2014. Toyota has still managed to revive its fate after the damages it faced in the 2011 tsunami. The tsunami and earthquake in 2011 caused extensive widespread devastation which affected car suppliers and production.

Toyota has also been facing reputational issues after a series of recalls and safety issues as more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled since 2009. However, at the end of 2013, Japan’s exports saw their biggest annual rise for three years. Car exports also rose to 31.3% year-on-year, as the Japanese yen saw big falls in value against the dollar. Toyota has been the top manufacturer in the world for more than 70 years. Toyota was the king of automakers till 2011. However, it regained the number one position in 2012.

GM sold 9.71 million vehicles last year, while Germany’s Volkswagen came in third with sales of 9.5 million vehicles. Toyota’s leading models have been Lexus and Prius hybrid models. Toyota’s sales target for 2014 is 10.32 million which is significant as no carmaker has gone beyond the 10 million mark. The three largest carmakers all had a strong 2013, and the figures are an indication of a healthy global automotive sector.

Toyota Landcruiser Amazon – a Monster on the roads

Toyota Landcruiser Amazon is feeling its age now but this rugged off-roader is still a highlyToyota Landcruiser Amazon engine competent machine and can still double as a luxury cruiser in the mould of the Range Rover. Old technology turbodiesel engine is a little crude, but is highly effective – mainly because of its enormous size at 4.2 litres. V8 petrol is super-smooth but rather thirsty. It will seat seven and has many luxury features as standard, including leather, sat-nav, Bluetooth compatibility as well as all the off-road hardware you’d need to ensure you keep moving over the most treacherous terrain in the world.

The Amazon offers a choice of six-cylinder turbodiesel or V8 petrol engines. The diesel with a five-speed auto option while the auto is the only transmission in the V8. The diesel is an old-school unit which seems out of place alongside Toyota’s other very clean diesels. However, with 201bhp and 317lb-ft of torque, it is still able to shame the current diesel Range Rover for pulling power, if not refinement.