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Prius 2016 Redesigned

Toyota Prius 2016 will Use Technology Gadgets from Le Mans Racing


Toyota Prius 2016 will use microchips and microcontrollers from the Le Mans Racing cars

President of Toyota Motorsport, Yoshiaki Kinoshita has indicated that the next generation of Toyota Prius which is set to go on sale in 2016, will use some sophisticated electronic systems. These advanced electronic systems will greatly help to improve the overall performance of the Prius.

New Prius is set to enter into production by the end of next year. Overhauled Toyota Prius will use some components which are already been tested in TS040 Hybrid. The ST040 Hybrid was used in 2014 World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Toyota president said that these parts are not mechanical because the new Prius will use most sophisticated electronic technology based on semiconductors, microchips and microcontrollers. Most of these microcontrollers are previously tested in the Le Mans Racing cars.

Toyota Prius Hybrid car

Toyota Prius Hybrid car

The TS040 all-wheel drive technology likely to be used in the next generation Prius. This rumour which was revealed early this year, has been confirmed now. Apart from these circuits and semiconductors, a newly developed semiconductor will increase the efficiency of already best Toyota’s Hybrid drive system.  Officials reveal that the new electronics system will increase the efficiency of Hybrid system by ten percent when it will be offered in 2016 Prius.

The 2016 model Prius will be offered with nickel-metal hydride batteries as standard however the expensive trims will be offered with lithium-ion batteries for a bigger electric range.

Toyota’s president has also directed the possibility of employing same power storage system as of TS040 Le Mans Racing cars. This system has extra powerful super capacitors to recover and restore the brake energy. This restored energy used afterwards to help the system to develop extra burst of power for some swift acceleration on the motorway.