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Toyota Hybrid Cars to Receive Electronic Fuel Saving Chips

Toyota has developed electronic chips for their electric Hybrid cars to boost fuel efficiency

Though Hybrid cars are fuel efficient and eco friendly but quest for more fuel economy is still there so, Toyota has developed an electronic chip for its petrol-electric hybrid vehicles. These electronic chips will help the engine to boost fuel efficiency by 10 percent and allow the Japanese automaker to inaugurate the hybrid system on most of its vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corp

Toyota Motor Corp

Denso Corporation – the vendor firm of Prius Hybrid systems and several other auto parts for Hybrid systems – have mutually developed a semiconductor through carbon compounds and silicon. This semiconductor limits the power loss and provides the bases for even smaller Hybrid systems.

Kimimori Hamada, an engineer at Toyota Corporation, said “A key way to improve fuel efficiency is to improve power semiconductor efficiency,” This redirection in engineering from mechanical to electrical shows that how carmakers’ aggressiveness is progressively tied to electronics, more willingly than to traditional mechanical engineering.

It also exposes the extent for some more improvements in electric Hybrid technology. It is almost two decades since the electric Hybrid Prius was launched by Toyota in 1997 and are leading the market. This electronic system is not an invention because it is already used in trains, computer systems and air conditioners, but it is unique because of its first use in automobile to control the power.

Hybrid vehicles used energy reproduction and restoration systems that restore the energy produced from braking process and then use it in the combustion system to improve the mileage. It is a very sophisticated power control unit that regulates the power supply by delivering the power to the motors while running and charging the batteries when braking. The power control unit is based on silicon semiconductors to efficiently control the power redirection.

Inside the PCU are power semiconductors, currently made from silicon, that control the flow and the direction of electric current. The new chips are relatively slim and smart and will allow Toyota to reduce the size of current PCU by 80 percent and weight by 18kgs.

Design of the year 2014, Toyota ME.WE Concept has won the title

The all new Toyota ME.WE concept car was challenging 75 ground-breaking designs from all over the world and from almost every field of life, but automobiles including VW XL-1, which was also a candidate for the design of the year award held at the London Museum. The decision was made on the bases of progressive technologies and design modernisation used in the models. In the case of ME.WE concept; judges are quite amazed at its atmosphere friendly technologies, there is another short-list car using the same technologies, the XL1 by Volkswagen.



The ME.WE concept is packed with innovative and revolutionary eco-friendly technologies and comes with fully changed and frivolous structure made of aluminium and electric drivetrain with a cane interior. It uses 100 per cent recyclable polystyrene to develop the doors and bonnet of the ME.WE concept, while bumpers and other small formations are made with comparable materials. This is a flexible vehicle as it can be used as Convertible, off-roader and as a small city car at the same time but it can be used as pick-up as well.

Several other contestants and participants at the show with Toyota ME.WE included electric bikes and public transport apps such as citymappers. There was a school from Nigeria also shortlisted for award, shocked? No you don’t need to be, because it is a floating school from Nigerian lagoon. This was the seventh Design of the Year award and its motive was to celebrate the stupendous design make-up on the globe. Several others like architectures, digital, fashion, furniture, graphic and product designs were also participating in the show however the auto makers were hot participants of the show but Toyota ME.WE was crowned as Design of the Year for 2014.

Finally! Toyota Prius 2015 rendered details

The Prius is the top selling Hybrid car in the world, and is the bestselling period in all over the world since 2014. It is the most efficient and greenest EV in Toyota’s line-up, being the first non-plug-in car sold in the auto markets to achieve a 50mpg collective fuel economy rating. The line-up will definitely comprise of plug-in and possibly other variants, and will be expected launch a new base respite design vernacular for Toyota’s ever-present hybrid line-up.

Toyota Prius 2014

Toyota Prius 2014

The Prius will be use Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) for the first time and it is first ever brand also to use the TNGA, a modular platform that Toyota claims it a serious weight shredder technology for its new models. As well built and even best fuel economy is explanation number one that the Prius holds the first place in the market; expect Toyota to make wide-ranging use of frivolous resources to decrease mass.
Earlier this year, some updates were reported that Toyota has intended for the Prius, such as batteries with better energy storage, bringing in smaller but powerful electric motors, and stirring to a gas engine with optimized combustion and abridged chafing. Using these methods, Toyota anticipates increasing fuel economy by almost 8 per cent. They are also planning to replace larger battery packs with the smaller and more-energy-dense lithium-ion batteries to salt away the space. On other hand prices are one of the big concerns and to keep prices aggressive, suppose the Prius to hold on to nickel-metal-hydride batteries.

The fourth-gen Prius make its first appearance at the New York auto show in April and is likely to be open for sale by the end of the year. Prices will keep at present level, likely from $25k for standard version and $30k for well built version.

Best or worst used car values! Toyota is leading the story

People often scoff at Toyota for making tiresome and uninteresting vehicles, but a recent consumer behaviour research by Consumer Reports suggests that in spite of whether people may say, but the Japanese auto maker has a number of best used cars on the market and people are still interested in buying used cars from Toyota. In the study of Consumer Reports on used cars from 2004-2013, the Japanese automaker was able to capture 11 places on the list of brands and models and it is more than any other brand or car maker.



This study was broken down in two parts for a better response, price was considered as major factor while the size of the purchased vehicle was another influencer in this buying behaviour study. On almost every price variation point, Toyota has at least one entry and in almost every segment from SUVs to SAVs and saloons to city cars.

The study only recommend cars with electronic stability control. They compiled a list of 28 recommended vehicles, in which Honda/Acura had the second most point at six, and Ford, Hyundai and Subaru managed two each. The Detroit brands also managed to be on the list, but not in an optimistic way.

On the part of most worst and least reliable vehicles Consumer Reports there is a list of 22 vehicles. This list consists of not recommended car models on the base of reliability and bad reputation for more than one year. General Motors had the most number of models on the list at six, but Chrysler and Ford weren’t far either.

Toyota Land Cruiser 60 years – HD – Extended Version – english

A legend celebrates its birthday. For 60 years the Toyota Land Cruiser has stood for reliability, durability and unconditional off-road capabilities in more than 170 countries. In one out of two TV shows featuring remote regions of the world or spectacular natural occurrences you’ll see this Japanese SUV driving through the picture.

Lego Toyota Hilux by miron89

This is my Trial Offroader which is a Toyota hilux cab with tube frame. Functions: -Fully remote controll (PF system) -4WD -Live axles -One-motor drive (Buggy motor) More pictures available here: www.brickshelf.com Thx for watching!