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Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser Is An Efficient Off-Road Vehicle

Good Enough, But Not The Class Leader.
The Toyota land Cruiser is good in performance but not exceptional one.

With go any-where ability the Toyota Land Cruiser is a good option to choose. Its bulky and strong built makes it an impressive four-by-four, but there are some exceptional models which are of its class but far ahead from the Toyota land Cruiser in durability, performance, fuel consumption, luxury and refinements such as Range Rover, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLE and impressive Mitsubishi Shogun.

The Toyota Land Cruiser in a bird’s eye view.

The Toyota as a manufacturer has focused just on its durability and toughness, but the Land Cruiser is not as luxurious as its rivals are. Without expensive and luxurious features, this big SUV stands behind from its competent rivals.

Toyota Land Cruiser Luxurious

Toyota Land Cruiser Luxurious

It is considered as the best off-road vehicle, but in town driving and motorway cruising it gives a harsh and rough driving experience. The Land Cruiser is a large SUV but it is not as roomy and spacious as it seems to be, you can feel little bit disappointment from its interior space.

Overall driving performance.

The Toyota Land Cruiser offers not a good driving experience as we find in Land Rover or other vehicles of this class. The steering-wheel is not as supportive as it should be for a big vehicle like Land Cruiser.

Driving Performance

Driving Performance

Though it is a four-by-four vehicle but not comfortable as we think. Limited engine range is not sufficient for this big and heavy vehicle. The noise problem is still there. While cruising on motorway you feel not comfortable because of bumpy suspensions.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel engine range.

The 2.8litre D-4D diesel engine is available with 174bhp and 332lb/ft torque. It is an entry-level version and takes 12.3 seconds to get rom0-62m/h. the maximum speed of this engine is also not impressive with 109m/h. The fuel economy is affordable with 38m/g and Co2 emissions are 194g/km. It is fitted with six-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive unit as standard.

The 3.0litre D-4D engine with five-speed automatic transmission.

The 3.0litre D-4D diesel engine with 170bhp and 302lb/ft torque. It is also the sluggish one and takes 11.3 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 109m/h. The fuel average is just 34m/g and emissions are 214g/km. This engine is equipped with five-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive unit.

3.0litre D-4D Diesel Engine

3.0litre D-4D Diesel Engine

With 190bhp and 310lb/ft torque, the 3.0litre D-4D takes 10.6 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with top speed of 109m/h. The fuel average is 34m/g and emissions are 213g/km. This version is also fitted with five-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive unit as standard.

The 4.5litre D-4D V8 is comparatively strong diesel engine.

This is eight-cylinder engine which is capable of 268bhp and 479lb/ft torque. Though it is the fastest and most powerful engine in the whole engine lineup, but not brisk in performance. It takes 8.6 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 130m/h. This version is thirsty one and gives only 29m/g of fuel average with 250g/km of Co2 emissions. This version is available with six-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive unit.

Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis Is Highly Rated

Luxurious Outlook and Good Performance

Reliability does matter more than anything for people thinking about owning a car for their garage and Toyota is known for its long time warranty and repute of one of the best cars. Avensis engine is also upgraded and you will find improvement in certain aspects while driving it. Technology features are many and of good utility so luxuriant outlook is not alone but a cabin occupied by modern facilities is waiting for you. Then comes the concern of comfort as hard seats and element of fatigue after long hours of driving are not welcomed by customers that is why easily adjustable cozy driving seat for all is must along with same quality for other passengers. As we know it is a Japanese product so no doubt about excellence of brand that also adds confidence of buyers to opt for the new car for their use.

A Keenly Priced Automobile with Smart Range of Engines to Select from

Price is good that can be a good edge over rivals and broad the base in market of this class. Further a warranty of one hundred thousand miles or of long five years becomes an obvious reason for voting in favor of new car. Such big offer has its own impact and people cannot avoid temptation. Space in the cabin is enough to carry the number of passenger it claims and with a comfort that usually desirable. It is being the most tempting part of the fleet requires to be designed according to demands of customers.

2-0 Litre Diesel Engine

2-0 Litre Diesel Engine

Three different engines provide smart range to select the most suitable to your aspiration. The only petrol engine is 1.8 litre that offers both automatic and manual gearboxes. The other two are diesel and available only in manual speed transmissions. For economy your choice could be 1.6 litre diesel engine and for power one may go for 2.0 litre diesel engine that could easily run at high speed. Last in the list is preferred due to low C02 emission and performance is also good. The most economical in the list does not satisfy those who want speed and style at same time.

Drive Avensis to assess competitiveness of the vehicle on different roads

Driving experience is very pleasant particularly on motorways as small bumps will not disturb the vehicle but the bigger could do it for the same. Steering is good and the car gets leaned on bends so overall handling is above average. Diesel engine refinement requires further improvement as while running and staying still the noise is gruff that leaves undesirable impression.

Drive Avensis

Drive Avensis

Similarly vibration runs through steering wheel and on pedals as well. But both these untoward characteristics withered away when it cruises on. Still there is room for improvement to make it a perfect car for driving that is expected to be there in next model of the same. It is a car that is quite aggressive and safe as well so you could go for it and enjoy having it for the coming years.