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RIP MR2 Turbo :(

RIP MR2 Turbo, the Fernoble 🙁 Read this before you leave any comments. 1: I crashed because I hit black ice. 2: It was not a Ferrari kit. 3: The car was fine but would have cost too much to fix. 4: No, I could not have put the old bumpers back on, FFS the car was striped to the metal to fit the Kit. 5: Yes, it has now been fixed and is back on the road, but not owned by me anymore. 6: I now drive a 350Z. 7: It was 250bhp and very light, so yes it did leave alot of “fast” cars behind. It was not just a stick on bodykit, all metal panels where removed to fit the new body.

Powernights 2, Aug 2007, Donington, MR2 Race 1 Onboard

www.driver-coaching.com – Incident Packed onboard footage from the CG-Lock MR2 Challenge Car driven by Malcolm Edeson (Maxx) including a massive 360 spin down the Craners, through the gravel and back on track. Many more incidents involving Radicals, Lotus & Caterhams