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Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota GT 86 Shooing Brake Concept Unveiled

Toyota GT 86 shooting brake concept has been revealed in Australia and it is following the GT 86 sports car traits

The Japanese automaker revealed Toyota GT 86 sports car few years ago with an old school strategy of making sports cars as this specific segment is going infamous with the passage of time.

GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

Who design the concept?

The all new GT 86 shooting brake concept has been revealed in Sydney Australia as it is the developed by the Toyota design team at Toyota Australia. The design tem and Toyota says that the concept will be driveable car and it will be tested on the Toyota test tracks in Australia as well.

What Toyota says?

The chief engineer at Toyota, Tetsuya Tada said that the nicely balanced ad directed steering of the GT 86 makes the car a true driver’s car, it helps the car to retain the engaging driving experience of a coupe with a neutral feel in the tight corners.

What is it?

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Engine

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Engine

Toyota has not revealed the performance figures or the powertrain details of new GT 86 but it has been confirmed that the new Toyota GT 86 will use Toyota’s most famous 2.0-litre engine with flat four configuration. This engine is capable of cranking out 197bhp of power.

Where it was developed?

The prototype was developed in japan under the supervision and directions of global sports division of Toyota. Toyota says that the four seats sports car will head room on the rear and some extra luggage space as well.

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Back

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Back

What is a shooting brake concept?

The all new shooting brake concept is a fantastic option for active couples and an optional car for those families who wants something different for enjoyment. The marketing boss of Toyota Australia said that the new GT 86 shooting brake is suitable for weekends away like tracking and speeding etc. Toyota is looking to gauge the people response on the GT 86 shooting brakes concept but there are no production plans so far.

Toyota Land Cruiser – Amazingly powerful car

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MR2 Supercharged V6 w/ NOS! Brad Bedell’s car– Angel & halos’ 1991 Toyota MR2

www.mv8r.com CLICK HERE V8 MR2 engine swap project. I am very suprised this video is not on YouTube. This is the MOST famous Toyota MR2 V6 swap. Its the winner of the Sport Compact Car Ultimate Street Car Challenge (2005 I think). Please note, this is not my car, and I did not have anything to do with it. I just like the video, and I would be doing a V6 if I wasn’t already doing a V8. Its “only” a Camry V6 pushing 500hp! For more info on V6 swaps into MR2’s, see Jeff Hartman’s book http More info: www.modified.com