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Toyota Avensis

The Toyota Avensis Is Still In The Market With Its Aged But Reliable Built

When it comes to fuel economy Avensis is the Best family Car

The Toyota Avensis is one of the most trustworthy, practical and efficient saloon cars available in the market

The Toyota Avensis is a large family car and well seen Icon on the roads of UK due to its reliability and comfortable drive. This car is built in Derbyshire, UK, by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 1997.

It is not a hot cake of the automobile market because of its boring and dull look. There are far better options than Avensis but under the tag of Toyota, Avensis feels secure to capture the audience. It competes in a crowded marketplace full of very talented rivals like the Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6, VW Passat, Vauxhall Insignia and Kia Sportage.

Low running cost engine range gives Toyota Avensis enough space to breathe in the overcrowded market

The Toyota Avensis is mostly used by high annual mileage consumers because of its economical fuel consumption diesel engines. There is a 1.6 litre diesel engine known as the most frugal engine that returns up to 68m/g fuel average with emissions of CO2 at the rate of 108g/km.

2.0 litre diesel engine

2.0 litre diesel engine

This diesel engine is equipped with manual gearbox and takes the car from 0-62m/h in 11.4 seconds. As we discussed above, Avensis is the best for covering long distances where sprint is not highly concerned. Then 2.0 litre diesel engine with 141bhp is in line, a little bit quicker than its predecessor and takes the saloon from 0-62m/h in 9.0 seconds.

Overall performance of both these diesels is good. There is a 2.2 litre diesel engine, with more power of 175bhp, available in the market, though it is not as fast as anyone might expect. The gearbox seems to be setup for comfortable cruising rather than sprinting.

 Though, a single petrol engine is not enough to cover the whole range of its rivals, but economically proves it the best.

The petrol engine range is simple one with only one 1.8 litre petrol engine that comes with a manual and automatic gearbox, but the fuel consumption of this engine is very healthy and sporty for long drives.

CVT Gearbox

CVT Gearbox

It is equipped with a CVT gearbox that seems to hold the engine revs high for far too long when you accelerate and leaves you feeling quite disconnected from the car. The engine produces a power of 145bhp and a good amount of torque. It takes the car from 0-62 m/h in 10.4 seconds with manual gearbox and 9.4 when equipped with automatic gear shift system.

Overall features’ highlights of the Toyota Avensis

Each version of engine, whether in petrol or diesel, performs reasonably well and gives a smooth drive. Toyota Avensis is used as a company car so it is best considered for town and motorway driving at a reasonable speed with best fuel economy. It is a comfortable car to spend time in.

Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

The suspension is noticeably soft, giving a comfortable ride. The front and rear seats have enough space which provides a pleasant feel during drive. Though the Toyota Avensis remains dull in its look and the trim range is simple too, but the equipment levels are fairly generous.

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota GT 86 Shooing Brake Concept Unveiled

Toyota GT 86 shooting brake concept has been revealed in Australia and it is following the GT 86 sports car traits

The Japanese automaker revealed Toyota GT 86 sports car few years ago with an old school strategy of making sports cars as this specific segment is going infamous with the passage of time.

GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

Who design the concept?

The all new GT 86 shooting brake concept has been revealed in Sydney Australia as it is the developed by the Toyota design team at Toyota Australia. The design tem and Toyota says that the concept will be driveable car and it will be tested on the Toyota test tracks in Australia as well.

What Toyota says?

The chief engineer at Toyota, Tetsuya Tada said that the nicely balanced ad directed steering of the GT 86 makes the car a true driver’s car, it helps the car to retain the engaging driving experience of a coupe with a neutral feel in the tight corners.

What is it?

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Engine

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Engine

Toyota has not revealed the performance figures or the powertrain details of new GT 86 but it has been confirmed that the new Toyota GT 86 will use Toyota’s most famous 2.0-litre engine with flat four configuration. This engine is capable of cranking out 197bhp of power.

Where it was developed?

The prototype was developed in japan under the supervision and directions of global sports division of Toyota. Toyota says that the four seats sports car will head room on the rear and some extra luggage space as well.

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Back

Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept Back

What is a shooting brake concept?

The all new shooting brake concept is a fantastic option for active couples and an optional car for those families who wants something different for enjoyment. The marketing boss of Toyota Australia said that the new GT 86 shooting brake is suitable for weekends away like tracking and speeding etc. Toyota is looking to gauge the people response on the GT 86 shooting brakes concept but there are no production plans so far.

Toyota Proace 2016

Toyota Proace to Debut in Birmingham

The European spec Toyota Proace is set to make its debut at Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show from 26-28 April

All new light commercial panel van Proace and the Proace Verso MPV are making their debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham at the end of this month.

Toyota Proace Sideview 2016

Toyota Proace Sideview 2016

Toyota unveiled the people carrier at Geneva Motor Show this year along its siblings like the Peugeot and Citroen Space Tourer.

What is it?

The all new Proace is not a van to carry cargo boxes to deliver from one place to another but it is more than a delivery van now, it is more like a car, more concrete people carrier and has been turned into the workhorse.

Toyota Proace Cargo 2016

Toyota Proace Cargo 2016

Toyota has pushed the Citroen Peugeot out of the ring with its Proace.

Practicality of Proace

The all new Proace van has very strong and clear ambitions and targets to capture the panel van market by offering the range of variations from different wheel bases to body sizes. But it should be aware of Ford Transit in the UK which has more than 350 variations in the panel van.

Toyota Proace engines

Toyota Proace will be offered with five Toyota engines and each will further be offered with a variety of transmissions and gearboxes. There will be a nine-seater shuttle offered in the market for larger families.

Toyota Proace Back 2016

Toyota Proace Back 2016

There will be two diesel engines offered with 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre sizes. The power output will range from 94bhp to 180bhp according to the need of the customer. Fuel economy will be the strong point of these engines where the lowest fuel efficient engine will return around 48 miles per gallon. The van will be offered in several trims from Base or Comfort.

Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado Engines Inspire the World

Prado is Portuguese for “meadow”. Because now Toyota is playing in the field by rendering both outstanding diesel and petrol versions of the model.

Toyota has always offered the Prado with a choice of powerful Landcruiser engines in both petrol and diesel options. The first model of Prado was available only with diesel power. The second generation of the Prado was launched in 1996, with a choice of 3.0-litre turbo diesel engines and a 3.4-litre V6 petrol.
These models were around since 2009, but this year the facelifted model has received a petrol engine with 4.0-litre displacement. We will not see other difference to the facelifted petrol engine. We see a bit changing in the diesel version, it has been re-engined, the ancient 3.0-litre engine replaced by 2.8-litre version. It is smaller but more efficient than older.

Prado Petrol engine

Prado Petrol engine

Prado Facelifted Diesel Engines

It is clear that the Toyota 1GD-FTV diesel engine is identical to newly-launched Hilux UTE, which was considered as the second most important and worthy vehicle in Toyota model line-up and poised to make a big push to take over the top spot in 2016. Thousands of Hilux and hundreds of Prado owners will enjoy it in future, it is the powerful Prado thing.

Prado on the Go

Prado on the Go

Is the Petrol Model a less Superior Performer than the Diesel Prado?

We shouldn’t say that. We should point out that where the three grades of diesel model like GX, VX and VX limited – the VX grade takes only petrol model and in every aspect to its diesel equivalent, apart from the fact that its $89,490 price tag is $1000 more. A six-speed automatic, attractive well identical kerb weights, rated to tow a braked trailer of up to 2500kg, we will see the described whole abilities in both powerful models.
However, some people don’t like the diesel simply – they run from the smell of fuel, maybe they object the RUCs. The petrol choice comes into the equation. That’s what, it is depending on the choice of people.

2015 Auris at Geneva

2015 Toyota Auris Revives in Geneva, Getting Ready for New York Debut

Toyota will introduce the Auris in US markets as Scion, making debut at Geneva Motor Show while having eyes on New York

Toyota Auris will be offered in US markets as Scion hot hatchback with refined and retuned features. Refreshed Auris debuted at Geneva Motor Show. There are small changes made to the previous Auris. Toyota confirms that these changes are enough to give a refresh to the American version.  Headlights, taillights, and bumpers are pinched to give a new look to Auris for 2015.

Toyota Auris Geneva 2015

Toyota Auris Geneva 2015

The Auris features a wide grille up-front, while cabin shows very limited changes. It offers an updated connectivity equipment to facilitate the infotainment system. It is the most leading change in the entire Auris. New infotainment system and central console offers a list of new instruments. Refreshed design offers prestige to the model with an upgraded interior, new comfort, and safety equipment features.

Apart from these small changes, Toyota has not do much with the Auris. You can check out when it will be offered as Scion iM at the New York Motor Show.

Toyota Auris Interior

Toyota Auris Interior

With all these features, Hybrid is still a range topper and remains at the heart of the Auris range. Toyota has established a leading powertrain for Auris in the entire Hybrid line-up. It proved itself by returning almost half of the Auris sales in the Europe in 2014.

New Auris also signs the arrival of new and improved engine line-up in both diesel and petrol variants.  These engines are developed with a Focus on efficiency and performance. The immediate introduction of new Auris and Avensis follows on since the Aygo and the Yaris has completed their refinement process last year. Both of them are Toyota’s core European models. The Auris and the Avensis will continue to be built side by side at Toyota’s manufacturing facility in UK.

Yaris WRC Version

Yaris to Present Toyota at World Rally Championship

Toyoda Akio has confirmed that Toyota is returning to the World Rally Championship with the Yaris.


Toyoda Akio has confirmed that Toyota is returning to the World Rally Championship with the Yaris. This special Yaris is prepared by the Toyota Motorsport Germany and has been caught on the continent several times last year because it was in testing phase.

Toyota Yaris WRC

Toyota Yaris WRC

Toyoda visited the Finland Rally and said about their presence at WRC, he said that Toyota is gearing up for season 2017 WRC with their Yaris.

Toyota is a legendary company in rallying, entered into the Sport in 1979 but left in 1999. They won seven titles in ten years through the nineties with Carlos Sainz and Juha Kankkunen

They are returning to the WRC due to changes in the regulations to allow more power roughly than 300bhp. Now manufacturers can use different engines and fuel flow formula for WRC.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

Toyota has played a vital role in changing the regulations but the final slate of the regulations will be announced at the end of this year. Yaris meets the new regulations and the tested power of its 1.6 litre four-cylinder Toyota Yaris engine is same as in rules.

There should be some change before the race ready. TMG will test the yaris for its limits and then it will go to take over the rivals like Volkswagen, Hyundai, CITROEN and Ford M-Sport.

Toyota Technologies

New Toyota Cars Will Talk To Others And The Road

Every year, auto makers are using high-tech safety features to make cars more interactive and secure, Toyota is one step ahead

Next year would be as exciting as one could anticipate, Japanese auto maker Toyota has spit out its plans for the year 2015 line-up when it’ll become the pioneer to introduce state of the art active safety technology which will consist of a vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system.

This new technology is one step ahead of what conventional system Toyota is using as camera-based and radar warning systems. it basically relies more on the wireless frequencies which come from the Integrated Traffic Systems (ITS’s). These ITS’s are responsible to keep a close eye on the traffic flow and other road changes. This would be the same frequency which will enable the car to communicate with other nearby cars for safety concerns.

Toyota Road Technologies

Toyota Road Technologies

To avoid an accident beforehand, the sensors in the car will detect the pedestrians walking on the road or the oncoming traffic on a blind junction and promptly display all the relevant information on car’s dashboard. The most wonderful thing about this feature is that other vehicles will also indicate their own presence so to warn the driver about possible oncoming vehicles and avoid any unfortunate incident.

The acceleration and braking would also become safer and smoother with the help of this system which would also improve the radar guided cruise control feature. To roll out this technology for future use, Toyota is claiming to be working closely with transport agencies and the government at the same time.

The words are out that Japanese version of Lexus and Toyota models are to be the first to get this technology, don’t lose your heart as European and US models will also be getting it later.

Prius 2016 Redesigned

Toyota Prius 2016 will Use Technology Gadgets from Le Mans Racing


Toyota Prius 2016 will use microchips and microcontrollers from the Le Mans Racing cars

President of Toyota Motorsport, Yoshiaki Kinoshita has indicated that the next generation of Toyota Prius which is set to go on sale in 2016, will use some sophisticated electronic systems. These advanced electronic systems will greatly help to improve the overall performance of the Prius.

New Prius is set to enter into production by the end of next year. Overhauled Toyota Prius will use some components which are already been tested in TS040 Hybrid. The ST040 Hybrid was used in 2014 World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Toyota president said that these parts are not mechanical because the new Prius will use most sophisticated electronic technology based on semiconductors, microchips and microcontrollers. Most of these microcontrollers are previously tested in the Le Mans Racing cars.

Toyota Prius Hybrid car

Toyota Prius Hybrid car

The TS040 all-wheel drive technology likely to be used in the next generation Prius. This rumour which was revealed early this year, has been confirmed now. Apart from these circuits and semiconductors, a newly developed semiconductor will increase the efficiency of already best Toyota’s Hybrid drive system.  Officials reveal that the new electronics system will increase the efficiency of Hybrid system by ten percent when it will be offered in 2016 Prius.

The 2016 model Prius will be offered with nickel-metal hydride batteries as standard however the expensive trims will be offered with lithium-ion batteries for a bigger electric range.

Toyota’s president has also directed the possibility of employing same power storage system as of TS040 Le Mans Racing cars. This system has extra powerful super capacitors to recover and restore the brake energy. This restored energy used afterwards to help the system to develop extra burst of power for some swift acceleration on the motorway.

Alon Musk Receives goodbye

Toyota Offloads Tesla

Toyota announced to divest Tesla and it is selling its stakes followed by Mercedes-Benz

A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz done the same by selling its stakes in Tesla Motors and now Toyota motors has announced that it is selling its stakes in Tesla Motors. Toyota had 2.4% stakes and it will worth the net of $640 million in profit. Both activities by two world’s largest automakers came during the unhappier time at Tesla. It is the time when tesla is facing a fall in share price by 19% since September. But you must remember that they also enjoyed a huge rise in share prices last year. In the present conditions, the value of the shares is not rising up even after the launch of a four wheel drive Model S and an autonomous driving technology.

Toyota Offloads Tesla

Toyota Offloads Tesla

Toyota confesses in a statement that the decision of selling its stakes came as a part of reviewing its investment portfolio regularly and the review suggests that this investment is not adding numbers to the profit statements of Toyota anymore. They also confirmed that they maintained the relationship with Tesla and will continue working with them on the future projects however they will carefully evaluate the future projects before accepting them.

The shares worth of $50 million were bought back in 2010 by Toyota when Elon Musk’s firm was struggling. The huge growth was very quickly started getting the profits of Toyota’s investment in Tesla because Toyota is a reputed brand.

Earlier this year Tesla cancelled their all projects with Toyota where they said that Tesla will not supply batteries to Toyota anymore and Toyota also hinted that they are winding down their investments on electric cars with Tesla and they are even thinking about hydrogen fuel cell technology which was criticised by Elon Musk.

Is it a reaction to Tesla Model S that it is stealing the sales from Lexus LS and Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the investors are losing their confidence in Tesla that it is losing its grip on the market? Know us your thoughts and reply in the comments below


Toyota Recalled 1.75 Million Vehicles

Toyota recalls 1.75 million vehicles over faulty brakes

According to the BBC Business News, Japanese automaker Toyota is issuing the recall notice to its worldwide users because of faulty break installation. This massive recall includes almost 94,000 vehicles only from China and the remaining number of vehicles from the rest of the world.

The latest brake fault is found in some models of Toyota Crown Majesta and several other models including Noah and Voxy have also been reported as faulty. These models were produced between 2007 and 2012 and their owners reported that they are facing brake faults in these vehicles.

Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah

In a media statement to BBC, Toyota said that they have no news about any crashes, injuries or fatalities caused by this fault yet. But they are still going to recall all vehicles of these models to endorse that Toyota always care about their customers and never compromise on quality of their products.

The recall notices from any automaker are not the new thing because in recent months, GM has also recalled a massive number of vehicles on ignition switch issues. However, Toyota has recalled more than 690,000 vehicles last month on the vulnerable transmission issues reported in the Tacoma pick-up trucks. Few months ago Toyota recalled a number of hybrids in US on brake and sudden drivetrain jamming issues.

Toyota said that the majority of vehicles in this recall are from China and Japan. Toyota UK said that there is only 9,637 UK registered Lexus IS, GS and LS models came under this warning but they will also be checked for other issues such as fuel injection delivery.

Toyota also revealed that all vehicles included in this recall are safe to drive and owners will be contacted soon.