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Best or worst used car values! Toyota is leading the story

People often scoff at Toyota for making tiresome and uninteresting vehicles, but a recent consumer behaviour research by Consumer Reports suggests that in spite of whether people may say, but the Japanese auto maker has a number of best used cars on the market and people are still interested in buying used cars from Toyota. In the study of Consumer Reports on used cars from 2004-2013, the Japanese automaker was able to capture 11 places on the list of brands and models and it is more than any other brand or car maker.



This study was broken down in two parts for a better response, price was considered as major factor while the size of the purchased vehicle was another influencer in this buying behaviour study. On almost every price variation point, Toyota has at least one entry and in almost every segment from SUVs to SAVs and saloons to city cars.

The study only recommend cars with electronic stability control. They compiled a list of 28 recommended vehicles, in which Honda/Acura had the second most point at six, and Ford, Hyundai and Subaru managed two each. The Detroit brands also managed to be on the list, but not in an optimistic way.

On the part of most worst and least reliable vehicles Consumer Reports there is a list of 22 vehicles. This list consists of not recommended car models on the base of reliability and bad reputation for more than one year. General Motors had the most number of models on the list at six, but Chrysler and Ford weren’t far either.

《28》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 80 & Landcruiser 70


《60》 Build by NEOSTEEL TOYOTA 4×4 Restores Landcruiser 40 part.1

The Toyota Landcruiser Specialists. It is my land cruiser 40 while restoring it. The engine is 1HD-T of land cruiser 80. Completion is the enjoyment. Rebuilt by NEOSTEEL Landcruiser. www.neosteel.jp

《68》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 40 Offroad Trail Mt.Toyone JAPAN

Hill climb of villainy mud mogul

Lego Toyota Hilux by miron89

This is my Trial Offroader which is a Toyota hilux cab with tube frame. Functions: -Fully remote controll (PF system) -4WD -Live axles -One-motor drive (Buggy motor) More pictures available here: www.brickshelf.com Thx for watching!

《58》 Build by NEOSTEEL TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 40 + 70

The Toyota Landcruiser Specialists. Nice car ! ! ! I am glancing love to this car. Most is 70 like the engine and the underbody, etc. though is 40 externals. Of course, it was equipped with the back and forth differential locking device. I wa~nt ! ! ! Rebuilt by NEOSTEEL Landcruiser. www.neosteel.jp

《24》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 80 1HD-T 6-inch lift up

5/3/2009 6-inch lift up

Toyota MR2 Turbo drift practise @ Santa Pod 12/05/10

Toyota MR2 turbo spec – fully rebuilt 3sgte, hybrid CT26 turbo with single ported wastegate running 16psi, berk downpipe, japspeed exhaust, forge dump valve, chargecooler, oil cooler. lots of other smaller bits. also running NA gearbox with welded diff. k sport coilovers. this is the first drift day with this engine. have been to 2 others with NA engine over a year ago. crashed into fence half way through the day. it ripped the spoiler off, blew a tyre and put a hole in the wing.