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Celica Turbo 1993 3S-GTE Tribute

This is a tribute to my Celica Turbo. It has been swapped in winter 2007. A 2L turbo engine from Japan + some extra mods. Filmed here in Quebec! Voici mon film Tribute pour mon Celica Turbo. Il a été swapper en hivers 2007 avec un moteur 2L turbo du japon + quelques extra mods. Filmé ici au Quebec! (Sherbrooke)

RIP MR2 Turbo :(

RIP MR2 Turbo, the Fernoble 🙁 Read this before you leave any comments. 1: I crashed because I hit black ice. 2: It was not a Ferrari kit. 3: The car was fine but would have cost too much to fix. 4: No, I could not have put the old bumpers back on, FFS the car was striped to the metal to fit the Kit. 5: Yes, it has now been fixed and is back on the road, but not owned by me anymore. 6: I now drive a 350Z. 7: It was 250bhp and very light, so yes it did leave alot of “fast” cars behind. It was not just a stick on bodykit, all metal panels where removed to fit the new body.

My Toyota Celica GT4 ST205

Just a small clip I’ve put together showing some clips and pictures of my car. BHP: 300bhp @ 7500 rpm Torque: 318lb.ft @ 4500 rpm Top Speed: 160mph Engine: Type 3s-GTE, Standard Turbo, Straight Air Intake with HKS filter, De-Cat Full Exhaust System, Blitz Dump Valve, HKS F-con V ECU, Front Mounted Intercooler, Apexi Time/Switch Controller Transmission: All Wheel Drive, Five Speed Fully Synchronized Gear Box Chassis: 17″ OZ Alloys, Coil Springs and Telescopic Dampers, Anti-roll Bar, 315mm EBC Vented, Dimpled And Grooved Discs with Red Stuff Pads, 4 Pot Front Calipers, 315mm Standard Rear EBC Discs with 2 Pot Calipers Interior: TRD Gear Knob, Greddy Boost Gauge, Greddy Boost Controller Exterior: GT4 Spoiler Blocks, Racing Wing Mirrors, Tinted Windows, Cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser