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Land Cruiser rear brake service, shoes, drum, emergency brake adjustment

A complete rear brake service including drum machining, new shoes, and emergency brake adjustment. This was performed on a Land Cruiser but it is pretty much the same on most other drum brake vehicles. Hope it helps!

《68》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 40 Offroad Trail Mt.Toyone JAPAN

Hill climb of villainy mud mogul

《24》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 80 1HD-T 6-inch lift up

5/3/2009 6-inch lift up

The Day The Celica Went Crazy!

Yes I deleted the previous copy of this video because I left out content at the end, this is the correct video enjoy! well the description is at the beginning and the end so just catch it there, it’s pretty self explanatory, interesting experience I must say!

Toyota Hilux Modify polyuretane bumper EP.7

product by www.autobangkok.com

《33》 TOYOTA 4×4 Landcruiser 80 1HD-T Snow mountain

Snow mountain

Need For Speed Underground 2 Tuning: Toyota Celica

this is my first tuning video of toyota celica here is all the parts performance parts: all full body kit: mantis rims: könig – konig DTD glide exhaust tips: thunderbolt side mirrors: renegade taillights: impact headlights: projector roof scoops: none hoods: twister spoliers: impact Paint Base paint: 4th yellow from left rims: 3rd grey from left brakes: 4th yellow from left engine accents: 4th yellow from left muffer tip: 3rd grey from left vinyls 1.hoods – ligthning – color 5th yellow from left 2.hoods – lightning 2 – color 1st black 3.body – body 5 – color 5th yellow from left 4.after market – bilisten – color 1st black custom gauges: your choice neon under car: yellow engien neon: white trunk neon: white window: dark black headlight: bright yellow nitrous purge: type 3 gold hydraulics: lvl 3 doors: sucide