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Finally! Toyota Prius 2015 rendered details

The Prius is the top selling Hybrid car in the world, and is the bestselling period in all over the world since 2014. It is the most efficient and greenest EV in Toyota’s line-up, being the first non-plug-in car sold in the auto markets to achieve a 50mpg collective fuel economy rating. The line-up will definitely comprise of plug-in and possibly other variants, and will be expected launch a new base respite design vernacular for Toyota’s ever-present hybrid line-up.

Toyota Prius 2014

Toyota Prius 2014

The Prius will be use Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) for the first time and it is first ever brand also to use the TNGA, a modular platform that Toyota claims it a serious weight shredder technology for its new models. As well built and even best fuel economy is explanation number one that the Prius holds the first place in the market; expect Toyota to make wide-ranging use of frivolous resources to decrease mass.
Earlier this year, some updates were reported that Toyota has intended for the Prius, such as batteries with better energy storage, bringing in smaller but powerful electric motors, and stirring to a gas engine with optimized combustion and abridged chafing. Using these methods, Toyota anticipates increasing fuel economy by almost 8 per cent. They are also planning to replace larger battery packs with the smaller and more-energy-dense lithium-ion batteries to salt away the space. On other hand prices are one of the big concerns and to keep prices aggressive, suppose the Prius to hold on to nickel-metal-hydride batteries.

The fourth-gen Prius make its first appearance at the New York auto show in April and is likely to be open for sale by the end of the year. Prices will keep at present level, likely from $25k for standard version and $30k for well built version.

Best or worst used car values! Toyota is leading the story

People often scoff at Toyota for making tiresome and uninteresting vehicles, but a recent consumer behaviour research by Consumer Reports suggests that in spite of whether people may say, but the Japanese auto maker has a number of best used cars on the market and people are still interested in buying used cars from Toyota. In the study of Consumer Reports on used cars from 2004-2013, the Japanese automaker was able to capture 11 places on the list of brands and models and it is more than any other brand or car maker.



This study was broken down in two parts for a better response, price was considered as major factor while the size of the purchased vehicle was another influencer in this buying behaviour study. On almost every price variation point, Toyota has at least one entry and in almost every segment from SUVs to SAVs and saloons to city cars.

The study only recommend cars with electronic stability control. They compiled a list of 28 recommended vehicles, in which Honda/Acura had the second most point at six, and Ford, Hyundai and Subaru managed two each. The Detroit brands also managed to be on the list, but not in an optimistic way.

On the part of most worst and least reliable vehicles Consumer Reports there is a list of 22 vehicles. This list consists of not recommended car models on the base of reliability and bad reputation for more than one year. General Motors had the most number of models on the list at six, but Chrysler and Ford weren’t far either.


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Toyota Hilux – Motorización

El motor es el mismo que desde que se lanzó, un 3.0 D-4D (common rail, turbo de geometría variable e intercooler) que desarrolla 163 CV a 3.400 rpm. Propulsor más que probado que le permite a la Hilux desenvolverse con agilidad y acelerar de 0 a 100 km/h en poco más de 13 segundos. La caja, en este caso es una manual de cinco marchas bien relacionada y precisa, pero también se puede optar por una automática de cuatro.

2-26-10 tuning a MR2 with a turbo Busa engine

saturday i got to tune something really interesting, a MR2 with a hayabusa engine and a turbo kit fitted… it has both transmissions also, and an electronically shifted bike trans and a normally shifted car trans, double roller chain connecting both with a tensioner. the car is out of fuel pump and it was only making about 4psi so that is a good thing. they are going to install a walboro 255lph and i am going to retune around 10psi


TAMIYA TOYOTA CC 01 Land Cruiser in sandy terrain with ” HANDMADE OFF ROAD CARAVAN “.

Toyota MR2 Turbo drift practise @ Santa Pod 12/05/10

Toyota MR2 turbo spec – fully rebuilt 3sgte, hybrid CT26 turbo with single ported wastegate running 16psi, berk downpipe, japspeed exhaust, forge dump valve, chargecooler, oil cooler. lots of other smaller bits. also running NA gearbox with welded diff. k sport coilovers. this is the first drift day with this engine. have been to 2 others with NA engine over a year ago. crashed into fence half way through the day. it ripped the spoiler off, blew a tyre and put a hole in the wing.