Toyota Avensis

The Toyota Avensis Is Still In The Market With Its Aged But Reliable Built

When it comes to fuel economy Avensis is the Best family Car

The Toyota Avensis is one of the most trustworthy, practical and efficient saloon cars available in the market

The Toyota Avensis is a large family car and well seen Icon on the roads of UK due to its reliability and comfortable drive. This car is built in Derbyshire, UK, by the Japanese automaker Toyota since 1997.

It is not a hot cake of the automobile market because of its boring and dull look. There are far better options than Avensis but under the tag of Toyota, Avensis feels secure to capture the audience. It competes in a crowded marketplace full of very talented rivals like the Ford Mondeo, Mazda 6, VW Passat, Vauxhall Insignia and Kia Sportage.

Low running cost engine range gives Toyota Avensis enough space to breathe in the overcrowded market

The Toyota Avensis is mostly used by high annual mileage consumers because of its economical fuel consumption diesel engines. There is a 1.6 litre diesel engine known as the most frugal engine that returns up to 68m/g fuel average with emissions of CO2 at the rate of 108g/km.

2.0 litre diesel engine

2.0 litre diesel engine

This diesel engine is equipped with manual gearbox and takes the car from 0-62m/h in 11.4 seconds. As we discussed above, Avensis is the best for covering long distances where sprint is not highly concerned. Then 2.0 litre diesel engine with 141bhp is in line, a little bit quicker than its predecessor and takes the saloon from 0-62m/h in 9.0 seconds.

Overall performance of both these diesels is good. There is a 2.2 litre diesel engine, with more power of 175bhp, available in the market, though it is not as fast as anyone might expect. The gearbox seems to be setup for comfortable cruising rather than sprinting.

 Though, a single petrol engine is not enough to cover the whole range of its rivals, but economically proves it the best.

The petrol engine range is simple one with only one 1.8 litre petrol engine that comes with a manual and automatic gearbox, but the fuel consumption of this engine is very healthy and sporty for long drives.

CVT Gearbox

CVT Gearbox

It is equipped with a CVT gearbox that seems to hold the engine revs high for far too long when you accelerate and leaves you feeling quite disconnected from the car. The engine produces a power of 145bhp and a good amount of torque. It takes the car from 0-62 m/h in 10.4 seconds with manual gearbox and 9.4 when equipped with automatic gear shift system.

Overall features’ highlights of the Toyota Avensis

Each version of engine, whether in petrol or diesel, performs reasonably well and gives a smooth drive. Toyota Avensis is used as a company car so it is best considered for town and motorway driving at a reasonable speed with best fuel economy. It is a comfortable car to spend time in.

Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

The suspension is noticeably soft, giving a comfortable ride. The front and rear seats have enough space which provides a pleasant feel during drive. Though the Toyota Avensis remains dull in its look and the trim range is simple too, but the equipment levels are fairly generous.

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